Joining PSO

You can join PSO by going to our forums, register an account and then post your application by filling in the given application form on the forums. Those who are not familiar with our forums may find it useful to read through the next part.

A quick guide

-Click here to go to our forums.
-Click on register on the left top of the page, just under the banner.
-Enter your current RSN as Forum Username so we know who you are.
-Enter ANY e-mail, you can even enter fake ones! Just make sure you enter something such as "herp@derp.baa"
-Agree with the terms and press submit

Once you've got an account and you're logged in on our forums, read the following topics:

- Basic application information ~ Explains the application process
- Trial requirements ~ You need to understand what you have to do during your first 2 weeks within PSO if your application get accepted
- The rules of PSO ~ You must carefullyread these!
- Guide for uploading screenshots ~ In case you don't know how to upload screenshots

Once you've done all that, click on 'Make an application' on the forum homepage or click here: Make an application!

After you've submit your application, keep an eye on your application topic for comments by PSO Clantop who will be voting or commenting on it.

If this guide didn't help you at all, please ask other people to help you, but I doubt that would be necessary